Join the Octocon Team!

for the National Irish Science Fiction Convention
5-6 October 2024

Octo with crochet and books

We’re currently recruiting for some new members of the team to help us make Octocon 2024 as amazing as it can be. There are three areas we’re looking for people to join in: Comms and Social Media, Programming and Operations, and Outreach (Other conventions and Sponsorship).

Once you’ve read the role descriptions, email with your application to join the team, or questions about what a role might entail.

Go raibh maith agaibh,

Paul (co-Chair, 2024)

Comms and Social Media

Comms Manager

Duties include:

  • Liaising with Chair to create a marketing schedule for Octocon 2024
  • Liaising with Publications Officer and Artist on materials and illustrations for marketing purposes
  • Liaising with Programme Director on promotion of Programme items and on the development on Octocon Presents content
  • Liaising with Web Designer to coordinate website content
  • Managing the Social Media team
  • Attendance and participation in the Octocon Committee

Reports to Chair

Website Manager

  • Managing the content of our website
  • Liaising with Comms Manager to coordinate website content
  • Liaising with website admin for any technical issues or new features
  • Liaising with other members of the committee as needed
  • Attendance and participation in the Octocon Committee

Social Media Team

Duties include:

  • Marketing of Octocon via social media platforms
  • Maintaining an agreed tone of communications on social channels to create a uniform voice
  • Responding to queries about Octocon in a professional and timely manner

Reports to Comms Manager

Multiple people required

Programming and Operations

These roles are the backbone of the convention. At present, we have a Programme Manager, Virtual Operations Manager, and On-Site Operations Manager, as well as a dedicated Volunteer Manager. We’re looking for people who might like to fill roles on the various teams, each with different levels of responsibility.

Programme Team

Duties include:

  • Generating ideas for the Programme of events at Octocon (panels, talks, workshops)
  • Writing descriptions of items on the Programme
  • Curating the list of speakers on panels from interested parties

A Guest Liaison is also sought, as a committee role, to communicate with guests about the programme and their activities over the weekend.

Reports to the Programme Director.

Operations and Volunteers

We need people to help fill a number of spots:

  • Virtual operations assistant, working with Faranae
  • On-site and online volunteers, to manage rooms and chats and to facilitate requests from members over the weekened (Gophers)

Depending on the type of work you’d like to do, you may be reporting to the Virtual Operations Manager, the Operations Manager, or the Volunteer Manager.


Sponsorship Officer

Duties include:

  • Warm-calls to previous partners of Octocon for funding or benefit in kind opportunities
  • Cold-calls to relevant potential partners for funding or benefit in kind opportunities
  • Identify and submit grant applications on behalf of Octocon
  • Liaise with Treasury Team to identify the needs of the convention
  • Liaise with Programme Director to identify areas of need regarding materials
  • Liaise with Virtual Manager to identify areas of need regarding tech and equipment for streaming
  • Liaise with Trade Officer on available space for Sponsors
  • Liaise with Publications Officer on booklet to ensure inclusion of all relevant sponsors
  • Attendance and participation in the Octocon Committee

Reports to Chair

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